Author Topic: First timer needing help with finer details of my cross country ride.  (Read 723 times)

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Hello! The name's Bob. I'm 21 and a native of Ohio and I am planning my first cross country trip for this summer from Ohio to SD through the badlands and the black hills, then up RT 212 through beartooth pass highway in WY. I've been riding for three years now and have a 2014 zx14r outfitted for touring (bar risers, sargent seat, etc.) I'm not worried about being uncomfortable, I'm 21 and can handle it, and I also think I have packing for the trip down. I just need help with the some of the roads. Here's what i have so far:
-70W through OH and IN
-65N from Indy to Chicago
-90W from Chicago through Wisconsin and Minnesota and into South Dakota
-240 to 377 to 44 into rapid city.
-79S down to 40W

Here is where my confusion is, I would like to ride through the black hills and end up on 85N to 212W through Wyoming/Montana to the Beartooth Highway. What are good routes through the black hills? The maps I'm looking at for it are more complicated than those of the badlands and beartooth. (I attached a map of Black hills)

Not only this but if anyone could suggest better roads for any of the trip, it would be much appreciated as I would like to avoid interstates the best I can and have more scenic driving! thanks for your help!!

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Welcome to the site fellow Buckeye ,Cincinnati here.
. :hi:
I would avoid Chicago at all cost and I65..crazy azz traffic unless you just wanna go there to see the place or have friends.Not a fun place to drive.
When I drove a truck to Sioux City Iowa or Schuyler NB from  Indy I would take I 74 to I80 and then head north,forget the city on I29,just up road the was I 90.Then you could hit Sturgis.A lot less traffic and more enjoyable.
Just a thought. Sounds like fun tho.

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