Author Topic: My plan 3 4 month across the US help needed  (Read 748 times)

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My plan 3 4 month across the US help needed
« on: December 26, 2012, 02:09:58 PM »
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  • I am living in Austria (Europe) and in my mind is a 3 to 4 month motorcycle trip through the USA or through South Africa in 2014. OK, I know they are not even on the same continent, but that is where I am at the moment. I just try to collect ideas and possible routes and targets. The story of Glitch OZ ( - but this is a completely different topic) brought me to the idea of just asking locals where to go and this is what I 'll do here.

    As a start 3 to 4 month gives round about 100 days times 200 miles are round about 20.000 miles which should be enough to cover plenty of the country. Most of all I am interested in the country and its people, than I would say great landscape and winding roads. Big cities are not the big issue.

    What do you think what is worth a visit?

    As English is not my mother tongue please be patient with my English.


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