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Hi, I am new to this forum.  Thanks for allowing me to post -

If you are considering a trailer for your Motorcycle or Trike…
Consider the Cycle-Tow.   (561) 542-6237

The Cycle-Tow is a towing and wheel chock system designed to be a simple and easy way to transport your Motorcycle or Trike around town or across the country, with the front wheel supported off the ground and the rear wheel (wheels) providing rolling ground support.  The Cycle-Tow allows a single person to load their bike onto the unit and have the front wheel captured, so they can dismount and secure the bike to the unit on their own.

The Cycle-Tow for Motorcycles is different from other motorcycle towing devices because it is multi functional. As a trailer, it securely locks the front wheel in place during loading and the wheel vise supports the motorcycle in a secure upright position. When the Cycle-Tow is not being used as a trailer, it can be used as a wheel chock for added space in your garage and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. It has obvious advantages over traditional motorcycle trailers because it is easier to use, less expensive to purchase, more fuel efficient with a fraction of the weight for your vehicle, and eliminates trailer storage problems. When you are finished towing your bike, simply remove the Cycle-Tow from the receiver and store it in your trunk.

The Cycle-Tow for Trikes is the best Trike towing device on the market; small, light weight, reasonably priced, and multi functional. The Trike unit is designed with a swivel hinge joint that allows your Trike to be towed behind your vehicle like a traditional trailer, with no excess forces exerted on the front end. This unit can also be used for motorcycles, by inserting the steel pin into the swivel joint to restrict it's movement.

100% built in Hollywood, Florida. We are not the cheapest motorcycle towing device on the market today, but the Cycle-Tow is the best. Guaranteed.

You can find more pictures and information at


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